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Rapid, Automated Film Scanning

At the push of a button.



SlideSnap Pro

Our SlideSnap slide scanning systems are the standard in high volume slide capture.

With autonomous capture nearing just 2 sec/slide, you’ll wish you had known about it sooner.



SlideSnap Strip

The world’s first rapid direct capture negative film capture system. It automatically, gently feeds a range of films at unprecedented capture rates and resolutions.

Rapid Automation

Say goodbye to babysitting slow unreliable contraptions. SlideSnaps are built for years of continuous operation at up to 1,800 frames per hour.

True Scans

Why do we use digital cameras? For bleeding edge imaging tech, look no further. Their high resolution, faithful color reproduction and capture speed put the “Snap” in a SlideSnap. Direct capture has been relied upon by professionals for decades.

Just Press Play

Simple and beautiful controls make a pleasure out of what was once a pain.

We’re In Good Company