The Classifieds – Used SlideSnaps

As they are submitted, we will post listings here for used SlideSnap equipment for sale by private parties.

If you would like to re-sell your equipment, email us at with the following information:

  • Equipment for sale and what’s included
  • Condition / estimated usage
  • Price
  • Preferred contact details
  • Photos to help illustrate condition
  • Serial number and odometer reading.

While we do not facilitate the sale or charge a fee / commission, we do recommend the purchaser transfer ownership on our end for support. Or, have your equipment refurbished and we’ll include the ownership transfer for free.

1 Listing

SlideSnap Strip

SlideSnap Strip (Serial #: SSS-11-190102)
Asking $2,850.00 plus shipping.
  • SlideSnap Strip Multi-format Rapid Film Scanner (With Motorized Film Stage, Film Guide, Backlight, Control Panel and OLED Display / Sensor Array pre-installed) Purchased in January 2019 and used on less than 1000 negatives.
  • Precision Camera Leveling / Alignment Platform (With quick removal ARCA Swiss standard plates / ways)
  • Optical Camera Alignment Kit. (Mirrored Film and Lens Crosshair with 55mm filter thread.)
  • Wired Remote Control (Simple, ergonomic, L or R-hand operation.)
  • Shutter Release Cables: (Nikon N3 and Canon C1)
  • Tinted Perspex Viewing Window / Faceplate (Magnetically attaches.)
  • APS Film Cartridge Tool (To open and re-wind cartridges to scan without damage.)
  • 110 Frame Expander Shim
  • 110 Full-Crop Adapter Sleeve. (Adapts 110 strips to 35mm dimensions for full crop scans.)
  • Framing Ruler (Magnetically adjustable guide with preset film framing camera positions assuming 60mm macro lens)
  • Poly Equipment Dust Cover
Contact Info:
You can contact Chris Southard at if you are interested or have any questions.