SlideSnap Strip



World’s fastest film negative scanning system. Supports 35mm, 120 (Up to 6×7), APS, 110, 126 and 127. Gently feeds single frames, cut strips and full rolls.

Facilitates rapid negative scanning for medium to large commercial applications.

When paired with the DSLR / mirrorless camera body of your choosing and an appropriate macro lens (SOLD SEPARATELY), it will allow you to scan up to 30 frames per minute at insanely high quality. (24MP resolution typical)

 More Information About The SlideSnap Strip

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 Video : Single Frames Multiple Formats

 Video : Scanning a roll of B&W Negs

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Lens Filter Thread *

Let us know which lens you intend to use so that we can include any necessary adapter for the camera alignment kit. See our lens database link above if you are unsure.

Additional Shutter Release Cable

Choose the appropriate shutter release cable for your camera. (C1 and N3 are always included). Refer to this chart if you are unsure.

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Read SlideSnap Strip Film Capabilities to understand capture / feed limitations. No returns will be accepted on grounds that are covered on this page.

What’s Included

  • SlideSnap Strip Multi-format Rapid Film Scanner ( With Motorized Film Stage, Film Guide, Backlight, Control Panel and OLED Display / Sensor Array pre-installed)
  • Precision Camera Leveling / Alignment Platform (With quick removal ARCA Swiss standard plates / ways)
  • Optical Camera Alignment Kit. ( Mirrored Film and Lens Crosshair with 55mm filter thread.)
  • Wired Remote Control (Simple, ergonomic, L or R-hand operation.)
  • Shutter Release Cables : (Nikon N3 and Canon C1 : See camera compatibility.)
  • Tinted Perspex Viewing Window / Faceplate (Magnetically attaches.)
  • APS Film Cartridge Tool ( To open and re-wind cartridges to scan without damage.)
  • FF35  ( 35mm film flattening attachment for sharper scans of curved film. )
  • 110 Full-Crop Adapter Sleeve. (Adapts 110 strips to 35mm dimensions for full crop scans.)
  • Framing Ruler (Magnetically adjustable guide with preset film framing camera positions  assuming 60mm macro lens)
  • Film-spool feeder. (To help support uncut rolls of photographic film)
  • Poly Equipment Dust Cover

Recommended Camera Equipment

 See our Macro Lens options database.

Additional Information
Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in
Capture Rate

Depends on camera and settings. Typically 2-4/s per frame.

Power Requirement

110-240v 50/60hz. (< 50 watts).

Resolution (Typical)

4600PPI (Assuming 35mm frame and 24MP camera)

Operating System

Win / Mac

Supported Film

110, APS, 35mm, 126, 127, 110/120, (Up to 70mm wide)