SlideSnap X1 Rental


The SlideSnap X1 is a turnkey, high speed, high resolution slide scanner. Digitize thousands of slides per day at the push of a button.

Every week of rental is good for 10,000 scans. Overage deducted from security deposit at 5¢/e.


  • Fast : Cycle time of about 3 seconds per slide.
  • High Quality: 3800PPI scans from a large sensor Sony mirrorless camera.
  • Tethering : Save time by capturing straight to your PC (Optional).
  • Portable : Cable managed, small footprint and built in camera protection.
  • Simple to Operate : Power on and press go with interactive control panel.
  • Automated : No babysitting. Stops at the end of a tray or in the event of a jam.
  • Compatible Slide Formats:  35mm, 110, Half 135, 126. With cropping: 127. (Slide mounts up to 2”x2”x1/8”)
  • Image Format: JPG or ARW (Sony Raw)
  • Image Focus: Automatic
  • Compatible with pre-loaded Kodak compatible ( 80 / 140ct ) slide trays. ( Rotate slides to landscape to avoid cropping)
  • View Sample 35mm Slide Captures 

We have limited rental units. Unless already discussed, please submit a rental request form first to confirm availability on your desired dates before placing your order.

Rental Period

A 1 week rental that arrives on a Monday should be returned / postmarked the following Monday. If end date falls on a national holiday, return on the next viable business day.


Comes fully assembled in rugged Pelican case with camera and lens, ready to operate.

A pre-paid return label is included with your purchase. Outgoing shipping is calculated at checkout.

Security Deposit

A security deposit ( amount below ) is required to secure a rental unit.

Security deposit will be returned within 7 days or receipt of equipment. ( Minus 3% card processing fee, cost for any scans beyond purchased allowance and any cost to repair / replace any components missing or damaged due to negligence or misuse.)


  • SlideSnap X1 fully configured and assembled in rugged case
  • Sony A Series Camera with Sigma 60mm Lens
  • Installed SD Card (16GB or greater)
  • Stack loader slide tray ( for loose slides )
  • 80ct Slide Carousel
  • Electric Dust Blower
  • USB Cable for optional tethering
  • Batch Titling Slides
  • Prepaid return shipping label

( See additional details below under “Description” )

(Read the rental agreement)
(Learn more about the SlideSnap X1)
Scandinavian customers: Molanders offers SlideSnap Pro rental.
EZPhotoScan also offers SlideSnap X1 and SlideSnap Lite rental.


Security Deposit *

(If you are only extending a current rental, choose “Already Paid”)

Rental Period *

1st week is included. 10,000 scan allowance per week. Scan overage deducted from security at 5¢/e.

Start Date *

MUST be a weekday at least 7 days in the future. PLEASE contact us first to confirm availability. We will attempt to have the unit arrive on or before this date but cannot guarantee due to the nature of shipments. Regardless, you will still be granted a full 7 day period.

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Rental Notes

Cost includes one week from the day product arrives at your doorstep. You are allotted 10,000 scans per 1 week period booked. Additional scans will be assessed upon return and billed at a rate of $0.05 / e ( deducted from security deposit )

You must choose a weekday for arrival as we cannot ensure weekend delivery. A signature will be required so please pay attention to shipping emails / notifications. Alternately you can request to have the package held at the nearest FedEx location.

We will make our best effort to have the scanner arrive on or one day prior to your requested date but some factors are out of our control causing delays.

The package is a large (23x18x10 44lbs) Pelican case with handles and wheels. You will need a box knife of pair of scissors to remove two zip ties from the locking points.

Scanning Notes

The camera is installed in the “landscape” / horizontal orientation. This means that unless your 35mm slides are ALSO in this orientation, the top / bottom will be cropped ~20%. To make the most of your rental period, you should consider pre-rotating all of your “portrait” oriented slides to landscape before receiving the scanner.

We include a powerful electric blower to help eradicate loose dust from your slides but otherwise, you will get a natural scan. This means any defects found in your slides will also appear in the images. We include a license to SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper to help you rotate / flip and remove the black border from your scans in batch. However, if further post processing is desired we offer advice on other third party applications and methods outside of the scope of the rental.

A Sampling of Feedback

Thanks very much.  The machine has been running like a dream; I’ve finished all my scans (45 carousels!), and now I’m onto the double checking and all the fun back end stuff..  And re-scanning the occasional slide I neglected to rotate to landscape in my prep.  This has been a really great experience.  The extended family is going to flip over these.

This is a wonderful piece of equipment with very few misfeeds and no real jams on thousands of slides, some of them over 60 years old.

After reading your booklet and a little trial and error, I found the unit to work very well. In fact, it was amazing to watch in action. Overall I captured around 5700 slides in more or less five partial days. I had to adjust the EC to + 0.3 or +0.7 for many of them to get good bright colors, and occasionally had to go the other way for night scenes with bright lights (as much as -2.3 EC to get the blacks black instead of dark blue. Overall, however, I was very impressed with the unit and very pleased by its performance. The stackloader was hugely helpful. The total package was fantastic.

Hey Sim….I’m done. 45 carrousels. It seems to get better and more efficient as it is used, Are you using AI? Smile.
Will start shipping this back to you ASAP.
Thank you. Great tool.

This has been an awesome machine and it works so smoothly.   The images are such good quality too.

I loaded up my first tray and let it rip – in a word, unbelievable. The images are 13 times denser than what I was getting from my flat bed Epson Scanner. And let’s not even mention the speed your machine moves at. Just for the sake of comparison I ran one of the slides that I scanned with the Slide Snap through the Epson to do a side by side. It took FOREVER and as I said what I got was only a 300 dpi image.
Can you tell that I’m a happy customer?
Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 11 in