BatchCrop Application


BatchCrop is a cross-platform swiss army knife for your scans. It features a no-nonsense interface and great functionality.

• Crops a batch of files at once
• Automatic intelligent cropping
• Automated dust and scratch removal
• Manual defect touch up
• User parameterized cropping
• Pan/zoom enabled manual cropping
• Image and canvas resizing
• Rotation and flipping
• Image format changing
• Copy & paste crop coordinates between images
• Drag & drop support
• Persistent sessions
• Advanced target file handling
• No installation required
• Available for Mac OS X and Windows

Note: The dust and scratch removal feature is somewhat conservative with larger defects.

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Developed by Atarca Software.

BatchCrop licenses are non-refundable. Try Evaluation copy first: Windows | Mac

Removing the black (or white) overscan borders from your scans one by one can take a lifetime. Using the healing brush in photoshop to remove defects like dust and specks on your images is crazy-making. BatchCrop to the rescue! It’s your batch processing Swiss army knife and new best friend.