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Please do not pay for this order. This is only a preliminary service request. The final total will be invoiced when work is complete.

Instead, choose “Check” as payment method at checkout.

Contact us if you want a ballpark estimate and / or to pre-authorize payment by card up to that amount.

Under Warranty : (Domestic) You are only responsible for incoming shipping costs. (International) You are responsible for incoming AND outgoing shipping costs.

Out of Warranty :  We charge a flat $95 bench fee + materials + time @ $95/hr (past the first hour) + return shipping.

Some small jobs qualify for a reduction in the base fee.

Before submitting this form for service request, please contact us to rule out simpler solutions and to make us aware of your incoming shipment.


Take extra care shipping entire scanners / projector cores. If possible, use the same packaging the unit was shipped in. We recommend 2″ of bubble / foam / void fill around heavy objects. The scanners are heavy and prone to shifting in a sea of packing peanuts, soft paper, limp bubbles etc. If possible, double box. Unplug any cables that are sticking out.

Consult with us about the issue you are having to reduce the size / complexity of the shipment. If we can narrow the issue down to a specific component ( circuit board, cable..) then that might be all that needs to be sent in.

Exclude camera equipment (camera / lens etc.) unless they too have been problematic and need to be assessed.

SlideSnap Pro : Remove the camera mount assembly ( large black metal portion ) from the projector core unless you want to have it looked at as well.

Return shipping will be calculated and applied to this invoice once service work is complete and the size / weight of the return is known. Small domestic packages are typically $10-25 and shipped via USPS Priority (1-4 days). Larger domestic packages are usually $35-65 and shipped via UPS Ground (2-5 days).

Ship to:

ADSB Service
1405 W. Packard St.
Appleton, WI 54914


Please choose “Check” as payment method at checkout. This will put your order in “Pending” state while we await your shipment and determine the required work.


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Depending on current workload, anticipate 5-10 days for turnaround with standard service. If you choose expedited service your service order will be placed first and we’ll have the work turned around in 24-48 hours from receipt. If we aren’t able to perform the work in this time due to conflicts or inventory, you will not be charged for expedited service. You will be invoiced once the work is performed and ready to ship. To prevent any delays, contact us in advance to authorize payment via credit card.

Shipping Preference *

Expedited shipping can be absurdly expensive. However, if mission critical, we have the option (Not covered under warranty). If you have a price threshold for expedited make note in “Reason for service”

Reason for service

Explain in detail the reason for this service request. Include any details that might help us narrow down the issue such as troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken. Is the problem persistent or intermittent? Etc.


At checkout, choose “Check” as payment method.

This will put the order in a tentative state while we await your shipment. DO NOT enter credit card details and pay for this order.

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