SnapTether Strain Relief Housing


This strain relief will help prevent accidental damage to the SnapTether and critical ports on the Sony A5100 of the SlideSnap X1.

Great for public use installations where a variety of people will be interacting with the equipment as these components are fragile and frequently damaged if improperly handled.

Available with or without external SD card slot. If you choose to forego the external SD card slot, you will exclusively download images via the USB cable.

What’s Included

  • Housing (for Sony A5100 only)
  • Right angle USB cable for use with SnapTether dongle.
  • D-ring screw (for attaching to camera)
  • Vinyl Ties (for optional, semi-permanent installation)

Installation instructions

External SD Card Slot

Moves the SD card slot from the camera to the outside of the housing. Gives you access to the card without removing the housing. Will protect the built in SD card slot from mechanical stress.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in