SlideSnap Lite Sony Camera Upgrade


Upgrade your SlideSnap Lite from a G series Canon camera for compatibility with one of Sony’s A series mirrorless bodies. ( Does not include camera / lens)

  • Superior image quality.
  • Higher resolution (24MP sensor vs 12MP) (3800PPI vs 3000PPI)
  • Optional USB tethering (see Snaptether)

If your SlideSnap is 1st Generation (without the slide detection sensor) consider having it upgraded to G2 as well.

What’s included

  • Sony A Series (multi) shutter release cable
  • Replacement Lens Tube and Adapter ring
  • E-Mount Extension Tube Set
  • Sigma Compatible Alignment Ring
  • Automator Firmware Update (see details below)
  • Power Supply for Sony A Series camera

What You’ll Need


The lens is used is fixed focal length as opposed to the G15/G16 which have a var-focal zoom lens. This means that the framing cannot be adjusted for different film sizes.

Compatible Slide Formats:  135, 110, Half 135, 126. With cropping: 127 (Slides up to 2”x2”x1/8”)

After placing your order, send your Automator (with cabling if possible) to us for reprogramming. It will be returned along with the rest of your components within 3 business days of our receiving it. Please include your order number for us to reference the shipment to.

ADSB Service
1405 W. Packard St.
Appleton, WI 54914

Protective Housings

Mail us your entire unit and we will also install the full set of metal housings used by the SlideSnap X1. (Camera Hood and Power Pack)

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in