SnapTether Shutter and USB Tether Splitter for Sony Multi


Most Sony A series cameras share a single “Multi” port ( a Sony proprietary version of USB Micro ) that limits you to USB Tethering OR automation via hardwire shutter release with the SlideSnap.

The SnapTether is our exclusive solution for splitting the signal and allowing simultaneous hardwire shutter triggering AND USB tethering.


  • USB “SONY” Multi Plug (To camera) Works with Sony’s proprietary “Multi” port (compatible with, but IS NOT a standard Micro USB port)
  • USB Micro Jack (To computer) output for tethering
    • 6ft Right angle Micro USB cable included to reduce strain on your camera’s delicate port.
  • Remote “TRIG” Jack (2.5mm TRS Female) Standard input for shutter and focus control. Canon C1 connector compatible. (Tip:Shutter)(Ring:Focus) (Sleeve:GND)

Note : The geometry of some cameras interfere with the housing of the SnapTether. The housing can be removed if necessary. Let us know what camera you have below and we will replace the housing with a tight fitting wrap if necessary.

Not necessary if your camera has a USB C “SS” port in addition to a “Multi” port. ( Sony A7R III for example )

This adapter is a delicate and not designed to withstand bending forces. It is critical to strain relieve all cables to protect against tugs and damage.

Sony Compatible USB Tethering Applications


(The C1 trigger cable is included with the SlideSnap Strip and Pro)

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