SlideSnap Refurbishment


Thorough refurbishment of out of warranty SlideSnap scanners.

5 or fewer business day turnaround.

All work is warranted for 90 days from performed date.


  • Complete teardown and rebuild ( Projector Core / Film Stage , Backlight, Control Panel, Camera Mount )
  • Continuity and stress test of cables
  • Film handling mechanism cleaning / calibration.
  • Backlight performance test ( LUX, CRI and Uniformity) ( Diffuser replacement if needed )
  • Oxidation treatment of electrical contacts
  • Lubrication of critical moving parts.
  • Firmware updates where applicable
  • Basic repairs ( Solder connections, calibrate replace hardware / adhesives etc.)

Any major component replacement / upgrade options will be discussed and billed separately.

SlideSnap Pro owners consider upgrading to G4 camera mount

Add-ons / accessories

See description below for instructions.

SlideSnap Model *

Choose the model of the SlideSnap you wish to have refurbished.

Details *

Provide details about your machine (i.e: rough purchase date, known issues). Also please enter the serial number (on back or bottom of projector core.


Please contact us first if this is a time sensitive repair. This way we can get on the same page about when you can expect the equipment to return.

If there are any known issues with the equipment, please include in the details box above! If there are major issues, there may be additional costs to repair / replace parts. Once we receive the equipment and assess the situation, we will contact and update you. You will be invoiced separately. All repairs require pre-pay.

Shipping Preferences ( We will not be accountable for damage incurred due to poor packing  )

  1. Disassemble equipment where reasonable to help pack
  2. Wrap heavy items (projector!) in a thick layer of bubble wrap.
  3. You do not need to include the camera unless you believe it will be necessary to troubleshoot problems.
  4. Use strong void filler so that it doesn’t compact in transit allowing equipment to shift around
  5. All in all, equipment should be supported / protected by at least 3″ of padding in every direction.
  6. Use a strong, new, preferably double wall box
  7. Tape at all of the box seams using a quality packing tape
  8. Avoid packing peanuts unless the equipment is bagged. They can walk into the projector and cause problems.

For international shipments, set the customs value to $50 and note “Equipment Repair”. If asked, supply harmonized tarriff code 9801.00.1012

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 21 × 12 in